Why Study Chemistry Here?

Full course name: Chemistry AS
Year running: 17/18
Awarding body: EDEXCEL GCE

Chemistry gives you intriguing insights into the nature of matter and provides you with many opportunities to experience the satisfaction of solving problems. We have excellent laboratory facilities and equipment which will enable you to become good at qualitative and quantitative analysis and you will learn to synthesise organic chemicals.

Building upon your GCSE Science, you will gain understanding of quantitative and qualitative Chemistry, the structures and patterns of chemical reactions. In the second year more complicated areas of the subject will be considered. You will study aspects of Chemistry that are often in the media and which affect your own life.

To do this course you will need to meet our entry requirements.

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A Level Chemistry is assessed through external exams and practical work.

You will need Chemistry for Medicine, Veterinary and Dentistry courses. Most biological, biochemical and environmental courses also require a sound knowledge of Chemistry. This subject fits well with Biology and other sciences.


Chemistry - Success Students