Why Study Citizenship Here?

Full course name: Citizenship AS
Year running: 17/18
Awarding body: AQA

Do you want to know more about ethical trading, or human rights in Africa? This course gives you an appreciation of your role in local and global society. You will study fascinating topics such as identity, rights, responsibilities, power, justice, global issues and making a difference. The course also covers many areas of criminology.

You will study topics including Identity, Rights and Responsibilities and Democracy, Active Citizenship and Participation. You will also study Power and Justice, Global Issues and Making a Difference. You will learn about human rights globally and specialise in human rights in East Africa.

To do this course you will need to meet our entry requirements.

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A Level Citizenship is assessed through external exams.

Citizenship is a complementary A Level that could accompany other subjects such as Law, English, Media Studies, or Communications and Culture. Students who study these subjects often apply for higher level courses in Law, the Humanities – Sociology, History, English, or creative subjects such as Media Studies.


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