Why Study History Here?

Full course name: History AS
Year running: 17/18
Awarding body: AQA

You will explore the development of modern Great Britain, Ireland and Germany as well as key historical themes including democracy and society in Britain, the Cold War and the rise of Germany to 1914. You will receive support for research, essay writing and other vital learning skills required to succeed in History.

You will learn about British History 1851-1964, the development of democracy in Britain, Irish Nationalism, the growth of political parties, the development of the welfare state, the effect of war on British society and the changing social and economic character of Britain. In Unit 2 you will study the Cold War 1945-1991, the nuclear arms race, changes to the Cold War and its eventual end. In Unit 3, you will study Germany 1790-1914, including the various controversies and issues surrounding German unification and its role in the start of the First World War.

To do this course you will need to meet our entry requirements.

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A Level History is assessed through exams and coursework.

History can lead to degree courses in many Humanities and Social Science subjects as well as Science. It is especially helpful in preparing students for careers in Law, Journalism, the Civil Service, Teaching, Management and Business.


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