Why Study Spanish Here?

Full course name: Spanish AS
Year running: 17/18
Awarding body: AQA

Spanish is a language that is spoken widely around the world. As well as learning the language, you will be given an insight into the Spanish way of life, the language and customs. Develop confident, effective communication skills in Spanish and a good understanding of Spanish culture.

A Level Spanish is especially appropriate if you have already got a GCSE or equivalent in Spanish and want to develop your skills to a higher level. A Level Spanish combines well with a wide variety of other subjects and is a very useful addition to your CV, whichever career path you are aiming for.

To do this course you will need to meet our entry requirements.

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A Level Spanish is assessed through external exams and coursework.

With an A Level in Spanish, university is a likely destination for you. There are many courses around the UK where you can study towards a Single Honours degree in Spanish. Lots of these involve a year studying abroad, which is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience. Many courses allow you to take a language in addition to another subject such as Law or Economics, or a second language. Even if you opt for a different subject at university, you will find employers will welcome your qualification when you enter the world of work.

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