We are a sixth form college that prides itself in offering specialist support services tailored to 16-19 year olds. We have a dedicated Welfare & Inclusion Centre to support you and your learning.


The Welfare and Safety of our students is paramount. We are committed to providing quality education that is holistic and supports the well-being of all our students. The Welfare team consists of:

  • Six Personal Mentors
  • The Bursary & Welfare officer
  • A Counsellor
  • The Welfare & Inclusion manager.

Students are invited to come in to discuss and receive support and advice on a range of personal and youth related matters, for example: emotional health, money, relationships, sexual health, etc... Students are also able to access a member of the Safeguarding team in the Welfare & Inclusion Centre if they have concerns for their personal safety and/or the safety of others.

Safeguarding and Child
Protection Policy

The student support team helping potential students who wish to study at Sir George Monoux College

Inclusion (Additional Learning Support)

We have a dedicated team of Additional Learning Support staff (based in the Welfare and Inclusion Centre) who work alongside teachers to ensure that all our students have the opportunity to progress and achieve. Students with specific learning requirements can be assured that we will work with them to understand their learning challenges and offer the right support to enable good learning outcomes. We offer a variety of services and support to all students, some of which are available within a small group workshop setting or as a 1-2-1 consultation with specialist staff. These services are :

  • Study Skills Workshops
  • Assess, Plan, Do, and Review cycle termly meetings
  • Study skills development for exams
  • Organisational skills development .
  • Structuring essays
  • motivation and positive ways of managing anxiety.
  • Consultation with external support services (Educational Psychologist)
  • Literacy and numeracy support
  • Personal mentor/peer mentoring support

Where there are more specific needs, and where students have been diagnosed with SEN, is statemented or has an EHCP, our specialist team will work alongside external support agencies, parents and the local authority to provide the support necessary to meet the needs of such students. This will include:

  • In class support
  • 1-2-1 support outside of lesson time
  • Personal care and accompaniment
  • Enrichment opportunities
  • Assessments and special access arrangements
  • Differentiated learning techniques and aids
  • Transition and preparation for independence
  • Assess, Plan, Do and Review termly meetings
  • Participation in transition, and formal annual review meetings
  • Personal mentor/peer mentoring support

If you would like to have a discussion about individual requirements, please email the Welfare and Inclusion manager at dayne.matthieu@sgmc.ac.uk, or alternatively contact by phone on 020 8523 3544 extension 3481.

Bursary and Free College Meals

The College has funding to provide financial support for students who have the greatest financial need. Students who fit the eligibility criteria will be able to apply for the Bursary and Free College Meal. The Bursary and Free College Meal schemes is assessed on:

  • Student Vulnerability - This means that the student is in care, leaving care, living independently, a young parent or is disabled and currently receive Employment Support allowance/Universal Credit and Disability Living Allowance or Employment Support Allowance/Universal Credit and Personal Independent Payments.
  • Bursary criteria: total Household Income under £23,000 - This includes whatever income your family receives (salary, pensions, benefits and/or tax credits) on an annual basis.
  • Free College meal criteria: Parents/carers in receipt of benefits and have an annual gross income of under £16,190

Please note: students’ attendance must be at least 90% in order to receive the termly bursary payment.

Download the Bursary and Free College Meal Guidance and Application Form 2015-2016 (below); complete and return to the College during enrolment.
For returning students, please download the Bursary Fund Renewal Declaration 2015–2016 (below) and bring it to enrolment.

Child Care Costs

If you are a student who is also a parent there is support for child care costs. You need to contact Care to Learn on 08001218989. (Payment of the Care to Learn fund is dependent on 100% attendance, completion of all work, punctuality and satisfactory effort.) Details will be provided to all students upon request. For further details log on to www.gov.uk/care-to-learn
Students can arrange an appointment with the Student Bursary and Welfare Coordinator to discuss their financial difficulties and based on this assessment they may be eligible to receive a lunch allowance, travel allowance and support with exam re-sits. If you need extra financial help in an emergency you can speak to a member of staff from the Student Support team.

Please note; additional support is subject to funding provision
For further information contact us on studentfinance@sgmc.ac.uk or ask to speak to a member of the bursary team.

Bursary and Free College Meal Policy 2016-17

Bursary and Free College Meal Guidance Handbook 2016-17

Bursary and Free College Meal Application Form 2016-17

(For new students)

Bursary and Free College Meal Renewal Declaration 2016-17

(For returning students)

Further Education Free Meals (EFA guidelines)

16 to 19 Bursary Fund Guide (EFA)


New students with outstanding attendance, punctuality and performance and who make an exemplary contribution to College life can apply for a £500 scholarship. Over the last couple of years more than 40 students have been awarded £500 each as part of the scheme. The Scholarship Scheme is funded through the money saved on energy bills by our solar panels on the roof of the Brockman Building.